Free traffic sources for affiliate marketing

Let us take careful look out at eleven (11) free traffic sources to generate  traffic for affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, one thing is necessary; that is traffic. If you get the right source of traffic, increases conversion is not going to be any problems. Not just choosing a high ticket affiliate program.

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You need the quality traffic. For affiliate marketing to strive it requires the right traffic before conversion. If advertisers create the product, sales copy and beautiful banner or whatever swipe copy provided,will not have the ability to convert sales. Making the affiliate product visible to the right audience that’s the right game changer.   

According to Erica Grabijas from Awin Inc, “sixty-three percent of businesses say their number one challenge is generating traffic and leads.”

So many affiliates struggle with sales because of traffic. When a product is thrown in the midst of the wrong audience, you’ll never expect sales. You why? They don’t need it. Is like giving dog vegetables instead of bone or flesh. You may have huge followers on social media but presenting affiliates in that large crowd does mean making sales. The truth is you need to place the link whenever the right customers are found. Either free or paid traffic all are important. But this will focus more on free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.

Who Is An Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who markets a product or service to a company. Sometimes goes with the name publisher. Having the right knowledge about where the audience could be found. Traffic sources for niches differ. If the affiliate doesn’t know where to get an audience he’ll struggle to make sales. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of digital marketing that allows a publisher to get commission while selling a product. It can form many forms to share the referral link.  Through sharing of links, infographics, banners, videos, blog articles, email letters and sale copies.  Depending on the type of affiliate campaign.     According to eMarketing institute, “affiliate marketing is a performance base marketing.”

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website.” –Wikipedia

Website is the number of web page visitors going in and out of a website. It is also called a session. Website traffic could be high or low, all depend on the functionality and effectiveness of the site. 

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Events or activities created by the site have a big contributive role to website traffic. If a website has less important or benefit, it could experience low traffic.

 This day is not only the number of traffic that is very essential or the main metrics of website success alone. Gone are the days when traffic remains the best performing website success. Where volumes of huge traffic come into a website is actual success metrics. 

Though it is one important factor accrue to website performance because of how it can bring sales. Website recognition, fame and visibility to an extent.

What Is Traffic Source In Affiliate Marketing?

There are so many affiliate programs online, from niche to niche. Every niche has its own affiliate source. Like health and fitness, grocery, ecommerce, sports, entertainment, catering, travel and vacation, finance and more. All these niches have traffic sources. 

Whichever product you promote or wants to promote you must consider which the buyers are located.   

Available traffic sources for affiliate marketing are limited. However, you should know which source that will generate the most conversion without wasting your time, money and energy.

Traffic Sources Includes:

  1.         Search Engine; like Google, Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo
  2.         Facebook
  3.         Twitter
  4.         Instagram
  5.         YouTube
  6.         Website
  7.         Blog
  8.         Email and more
  9.         Quora


 Things to consider before choosing affiliate source?

  •         Niche of the product


In affiliate marketing, what a beginner needs to know is the information about the niche and product to promote.

Learn what it takes to market in that niche. The product that sells most and the number of people that promote it.


If it is very competitive you know you can promote it. However, some affiliate products whose software doesn’t need competition.

This product that demands advertiser’s codes and id numbers after getting approved.


To place those numbers on your sites, or banner placement on your blog.   Know exactly what traffic that can convert.


  •         Quality of the traffic source


There are times when traffic sources are just worthless. When the total number of traffic generated brings hundred of clicks without sales.

The point is the product was found in the midst of the wrong people.


Traffic quality matters most in affiliate marketing. Look for a platform where some many affiliates are found.


Like Facebook groups of that niche, Warriorplus, DigitalPoint, Affilorama, AffiliateFix and more places.  Join and get your product link down without breaking their rules.


  •         The rules and laws guide the sites you want generate traffic

Try to find out what’s the guideline that allows users to generate traffic. Rules and restrictions to avoid being banned.


Also, the kind of traffic to generate (Paid or Free)


For example: Reddit doesn’t like affiliate links while posting articles. If not you risk the chance of being banned or your account blocked. The post also may be dropped.


  •         Volume of traffic you need(number of visitors)

Most times, affiliate marketing sites require thousands of links before converting. That can count the cost and go for AdWords or consider using Facebook Ads.

If it requires you to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook ads, you still make good ROI.  


  •         How to target the traffic(best format)


Get started with targeted traffic sources that give value for money. Either Google or Facebook paid traffic is good but for startups I’ll see you can post on group.

The niche of your product means much to make massive revenue in return. Though presently, affiliate marketing is very much saturated in such that creativity and paid advert method seems to almost be the best source of traffic generation.


Having said that, the knowledge of what people look for goes a long way to create the right traffic source for your campaign. Like Facebook is the biggest social media platform that accommodates every category of niches you ever imagine.  

What Is the Best Source Of Affiliate Marketing?

The best traffic source for affiliate marketing is Email marketing, Forums, Google Adword, Facebook ads, and YouTube advertisement. This platform converts faster than free traffic. If you combine both that will go a long way to generate massive RIO.  

 Free Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

There are still free traffic sources to generate affiliate

  1.         website

When you first want to first begin affiliate marketing it is important you own a website, where you can put your affiliate links. Make good content that will attract visitors which will pay constant visits. 


The professional way to start affiliate marketing is hosting a website or blog. It shows a sign of seriousness and professionalism. You make the affiliate business a building block.

  1.         Facebook


Join Facebook groups that have hundreds of thousands of members and send your product link with a helpful guide they will click and come to the sale copy. Make you give them helpful information about the niche topic.


For instance, your niche is weight loss so you should use information like ”tips to lose weight in 10 days naturally”. Many people will click and visit your sales page.


  1.         Youtube


Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. The most popular video sharing platform. For instance you can start a video review of affiliate campaigns. If you’re on a low budget, there is free video making software to start with.


Better still Microsoft Powerpoint can’t display video slides or try using doodly. Maybe you’re trying out, go on Google to find free video making software.

However, Smartphones can do good video  on screen recording that you can use on your channel.


Google optimizes YouTube videos; which can drive viewers to your affiliate offer. By creating product reviews, guides, tutorials or helpful information.  Showcasing your link into the video. It will drive massive traffic to your website and product.

  1.         Quora


This social media platform is known for question and answer. Most people who come to Quora are people who want to know something by asking questions and bulking their mind.


What is the free traffic opportunity waiting for affiliates? Answer questions in that niche with helpful long comments, now include your product or website referring your site either to read more or similar things.


Quora has limited questions people can ask, that means there’s a limit to what you can answer.



  1.         Blog Post

Blog creates a lot of online presence and more websites. That is why, several brands go as far as creating blogs to reach their audience. Affiliate marketer needs a blog where content can be shared as a blog post. To readers and visitors to gain traction. Then, affiliate links are shared within the content. If you provide valuable information you can win a customer.      

  1.         Reddit



If you think about free traffic sources Reddit could be one of the sources. Because it has the ability to drive visitors to your affiliate website. since people use reddit for online recommendation and advice.


Whenever you post just embed your website affiliate link in the comment area. Redditors would find you to your site. This may even be targeted traffic in your niche.


Remember, make valuable comments which will look professional. Use bitly to shorten it and embed your offer, it will drive quality traffic to your campaign. Join subreddit and contribute information and share your content with embedded links.

Instagram page layout
  1.         Instagram

As Instagram is growing faster and faster owing to the features being regularly updated. Pictures and live videos are the most trending content on Instagram. Now, how do you share blog links or affiliate links? Provide your link in the bio. 

Some of the strategies to grow your Instagram traffic, is to follow those who follow your competitors. Like and comment on hashtags of people in the same niche. Use hashtags, ask followers to click on your links or visit your site through your  bio.


  1.         Medium


Medium is beginning to gain much popularity as a content sharing social network. Though, they impose strong laws toward creators. It is still a good place to publish content to reach a wide array of millions of readers in their space.


Make sure your website link is available in the profile section which will refer visitors to your site. If after reviewing from their panel of reviewers it will be published and that stands for another free source of traffic for you.  


Frankly, Medium frowns at unnecessary link display so work by rule to help your content visibility.   


  1.         Email marketing

Some affiliates think email marketing is not effective as it was to generate traffic. Well, email marketing still stands as a means of generating traffic to affiliate offers.


According to Awin Inc, email marketing is still alive and well,with 64% of companies believing it is the best marketing method they have, with an estimated RIO of 3800%.


If email marketing is what you want to use as a traffic generating source, then you need a blog or website. Where you can provide a subscription form to build an email list before you start emailing your audience.


Tips, don’t send offers first but build trust in your initial email campaigns. If not you’ll see massive unsubscription from your list. You can send free eBook, guides or free articles and download before presenting campaigns.



  1.       Pinterest


If you focus on photography, catering or a fashion niche that deals with a lot of image display. Pitching with Pinterest is never going to be the wrong idea. Since photography is a Pinterest priority.  


“According to Hootsuite, Pinterest is the largest third-largest social network in the U.S. But Pinterest is as much a search engine as it is a social network. Think of it as Google of images.” – Supermetrics


Showcases your best photo in a creative grand style to attract visitors to your site and gain more conversion. Because search engines still showcase image search for various visitor’s whose work requires it. Some of picture dominance niches are; gardens, tourism, fashion, home decoration, catering and more.


So is a very good option to get website visibility and free traffic source. The strategy is that you can upload images and attach affiliate links embedded to your offer which indirectly drives traffic to sales pages. Whenever people click those images.


  1.       Craigslist

Craigslist is not a pretty good place to share your affiliate promotion. Although, craigslist is known as a classified ads site which advertises goods and services. Posting affiliate programs should on the other hand be limited.

For that you should deploy a strategy that will bring traffic without breaking their rules.

Search engines can generate a good number of buyers, now that Google is changing its SEO policy to much more ads placement. Affiliate marketers then need paid advertisement to generate traffic on Google.

Summary:  There are still more ways to generate free traffic to your affiliate links. Free traffic sources are good but they  take a long time to generate RIO. 

 Like share and comment your view about free traffic sources for affiliate marketing.


Humphrey Udoh

Elivechat Team

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