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Humphrey Udoh 

This is a value pact informatiinal article about AI.

For any reason don’t ignore this statistics about AI usage in fact and figures that is reshaping the digital marketing industry.  Harnessing the potentials can give you competitive advantage in the years to come.


In this ever changing world of digital marketing the AI technology has given a boost to brands that are embracing it. 

AI new research about digital marketing


Since the new era of generative AI, many content creators and big brands have been massively tapping from  it.

The surge in AI usage is alarming right now and there is no sign of slowing down.

It has been reported that the size of AI markets  globally will be about $169,411.8 million by 2025 ( www.allied market research.com)

  1. Salesforce has it that about 51% of marketers are presently using AI to automate human tasks.
  1. One of the surveys carried out in some hospitals stated that 58% of the senior executive confessed that AI improve operational performance in their facility.
  1. From NeilPatel blog it was gathered through survey done that out of 1000 respondents of 50.8% said their knowledge about AI is below average, 22.8% said they’re expert while the 26.4% admitted to be highly proficient with Artificial Intelligence, (AI)

Source:Neil Patel’s blog

fact, Goldman Sachs research believes that new developments in AI could drive as much as $7 trillion in global economic growth by 2030.  

4.) Goldman Sachs research reveals that the new era of Artificial Intelligence Intelligence may lead to rapid growth in the global economy up to $7 trillion in 2030.


5.) MarketsandMarkets foretold that the global market will grow in 2023 from $150.2 billion to $1,345.2 billion by 2030 by 36.8% through the CARGR.

6.) The lead g hub of AI technology adoption in marketing is forecast to be North America 

with leading development a cross-all sector

7.) Top Brands of AI players are 

  • Apple 
  • Google 
  • Facebook 
  • Microsoft 
  • SpaceX 
  • Netflix 

8.) From the report I have shown the huges have shows that;

  • Heath Care 
  • Automotive 
  • Financial servoces
  • Retail and consumer 
  • Communication 
  • Entertainment 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Energy 
  • Transport

Screenshot Source:ForbesAdivor

9.) Country that are big players in AI are:

“According to an IBM report. AI helps businesses optimize operations and compensate for the lack of human resources.”  Forbes Advisor

Chinese companies are massively adopting AI technology more than other nations.  

58% of Chinese companies are already using Artificial intelligence while 30% are considering it.

But in the US AI adoption seems to be 25% for Companies while 43% companies within the US are beginning to explore it’s applications at a minimal level. Forbes Advisor 

“AI will transform business practices and industries and has the potential to address major societal problems, including sustainability.” – WolrdEconomicForum

10.) AI Jobs Creation Estimation 

World Economic Forum research carried out reveals that about 97 million new jobs will be created from AI technology which will help solve job shortage in the near future. 

AI support role will be on the rise because of increase in AI service among brands.

“Generative AI rapidly synthesises vast amounts of information to generate diverse content across various mediums, merging human-like creativity with technology.” – WolrdEconomicForum


The benefits of AI are beyond what I can tell you at the moment. However, statistics shows that AI adoption may double in a decade.

Many reluctant users will be left behind while those early users will become industry leaders. 

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