Everyday people search for websites that can pay them as partners or affiliates.
Sometimes they may not even pay you or you may find it hard getting paid. This may frustrate all your effort.
You may wonder if truly affiliation program still work in this digital era.
Worry no more, this article have all that will blow your mind soon next.
After reading this article and don’t make at least $100 comment this post as scam.
I’m here to detail every single step on your way to succeed in affiliation marketing.


Go for high ticket affiliate programs their pay is always big because they doesn’t want you to labor in vain.

Check the payment process; weekly, monthly, $2000 threshold or percentage structure.

Make research about the company before you start

Read review of their payment

Check their payment plan

Country accepted

Ride on to business

But take it from someone doing this for a living.
There’s no better job to do than affiliate marketing and my other online business. This business model could make you good money per month and there’s still room for more.

It’s never saturated!
So please stop leaving money on the table and grab your share immediately. Without further delay let’s get down to business.

          Affiliate Programs To Get Started

Below are my recommended hot paying affiliate programs.
Even a novice can easily sign up to make money.
But mind you some of the programs will accept you immediately and some will take days to review your registration.
But that does mean you won’t get accepted if you meet their requirement.

Regal assets program pays very high amount to affiliate though you must have a blog to qualify.
A financial organization in U.S selling gold, silver, precious metals and cryptocurency to the middle class and rich population. Mostly, retiree and top business investors in U.S and worldwide.
Percentage to earn is 1-5%, about $1,500 in a single transaction. See the link above for sing up, with this one affiliate program you can change your level. Any lead you close earns you $100.
Pays through PayPal monthly.


JVZoo affiliate sells digital product yours or others . That is, you can register as an affiliate and get accepted to promote products. JVZoo is known for one thing and that’s digital products. You can sign-up above and get accepted now, it’s that easy.

Majority of their products are e-books sales, PLR products (Private label rights), software etc. The platform is easy to navigate and there are tons of easy products to promote.
However, JVZoo can only pay via PayPal.
But don’t worry Paypal has started accepting Nigerians. if you’re Nigerian. You can sign up PayPal business account for free. So, you can register for JVZoo on the link above.


Step 1 – Create your affiliate account and get it approved to promote the entire suite of products, courses and services.
Step 2 – Grab the affiliate link for the One Funnel Away Challenge.
Step 3 – Build a Squeeze Page Funnel for the Challenge or promote the link on social media on website to people.
Create face book ads and create targeted ads for digital marketers any sign bring you 40% commission.
Better still so many will stay, and that means you have recurrent commission 40% for 1year and beyond; thing what that mean to your financial life.
Now if you have at least 10 faithful subscriber, which is 10×$40 for $100 subscription $400 monthly earning.
If $297 subscriber of 40% commission × 10 =?
Step 4 – On your Squeeze Page, make the HEADLINE – [Do A “Call Out” at the top of the page to who you want to work with… Attention: Cat Smugglers] “How To Create An Online Income In 30 Days Even If You Forgot How To Cut And Paste”

Step 5 – Create a few bonuses for people that want to take the challenge through you.
Step 6 – Record a video explaining the bonuses and put it on your Squeeze Page Funnel Thank You page along with a button for your Affiliate link. Or give free PDF or just create ad on Facebook and guess the number of people who’ll subscribe through.
This people will also stay and guess what?
That’s recurrent monthly commission for you.
Step 7 – Download CF video to put on ADS to use CF campaign or to enroll in the challenge and put the link for your funnel in the description. Shorten it using “Bitly”
This is real so, take action now. Register for 14 days free trial here

Binance affiliate program is for crypto currency exchangers or merchant. It’s an exchange site for bitcoin, litecoin etheruem and more.
They literary have tens of hundreds if not thousands of different crypto being exchanged on a daily basis. Their affiliate program pays up to 50% deposit of every referral.

Affiliate payment is via Bitcoin, accept affiliates globally .
You can sign up and start promoting them almost immediately.
The best part about this affiliate program is that you could also invest your income on cryptocurrency through the platform and double your affiliate income. The future for cryptocurrency is promising so trying it out.
Presently Binance open Nigeria deposit channel, trade for cyptocurency in partnership with flutterwave, the trusted payment partnership for businesses that operate globally.
That means, Nigerians can purchase cryptocurrencies with naira using debit/credit card or a bank transfer and trade on the following pairs:
Gooddnews for Nigerians maybe other country too. Find out from Binance.

5.) Flywheel affiliate program

Flywheel claim they’re no.1 in the domian and webhosting industry. They give room for affiliates like webmasters, digital marketers and website designers to refer them to clients.
6.) WarriorPlus Affiliate

WarriorPlus is another huge affiliate network that accepts affiliate from any part of the world. It’s a digital platform for buying and selling products related to online business. Applying as an affiliate is equally easy too.
You can promote merchant offers as an affiliate and promote your personal products too. WarriorPlus is free to join, you can apply as an affiliate and get accepted today. However, they only payout via PayPal.
This affiliate network is very good because there are tons of easy digital products even a newbie in affiliate marketing can promote.


Capterra reviews application for big industries like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and the rest.
What they do is allow software users to review softwares brought this Big names on their space. When you review they payyou after their team must have gone through your review. After the first review you’ll receive notification email to refer others and get paid. The review is something around 5-10 minutes for each application. Softwares to review are those on your PC or Smartphone like Whatsapp, Google drive, Google doc, Power point just any popular app.
DON’T forget to start the review through LinkedIn sign-in, because they’ll want to know if your review is genuine.
If you make honest review you’ll get paid. The good side is, you can make up to 10 reviews a day. They pay $10 or $5 per review and through Amazon gift card, visa card or iTunes card. I got good bucks from them.
Before you start capterra review make sure to you read their review guideline properly.


Etoro believe that you can market their investment plan without a website. So, for those without that’sgood place to start.Etoro is the #1 and most popular forex trading company in the U.S
Trusting brand for expert and beginners. You sign up invest ,trade or be their affiliate partner. Accept affiliates worldwide.



Shopify is an e-commerce website builder for creating an online store. Their affiliate program pays up $2000 for single sign-up you refer to create a store with them. That’s big bucks.
However, don’t get carried away with the big figure as you going to need a lot of work to get that. Their basic payout is $58 per customer you sent their way to create a store with them. Shopify pays affiliate via PayPal. Also accepts affiliate from any part of the world.
But if you were able to promote their biggest package of $2000 you can get paid through wire transfer. While signing up you’ll be asked some certain questions on how to promote them if you give them the right answer you’ll be approved the following day.

11.) Above all offer Partners


Partner with aweber to canvas email marketing to people you know any referral you get commission from them. They give every necessary support to their affiliate to succeed.





Lendy affiliate programs pays in bitcoin when you refer a friend or somebody you get 0.001btc =$9. Sign up earns you 0.001btc=$9 too.
Good side is you can invest this bonus and get daily earning without referring anyone as long as you remain in the program. Direct to your binance account. Lendy affiliate is newly created legit program.

These program works , make sure you sign up in all or at least five (5) and start making bucks direct to your bank account.
See you on top of your career making money.

Humphrey Udoh


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